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Fall Winter 2021

The horizon to be explored for the C'est la V woman widens. The fall winter 2021/22 collection, always inspired by the mythical free and bohemian spirit of the 70s, now becomes part of everyday life. Not only for dancing and traveling, clv is now even more practical, to be worn at any time of the day, without ever giving up that touch of joy and femininity that distinguishes it. More contemporary cuts enter the C'est la V collection, for the first time a range of solid colors, new softer and more resistant fabrics made with a view to high quality and respect for the environment. An example, the flannel made for C'est la V .... Also for next winter in the C'est la V wardrobe the alpha sweaters made in Peru, specially designed to accompany our classic prints with the new solid colors. The close collaboration with Made In Carcere continues for the production of one-size-fits-all garments such as Pitu and Eivissa.

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