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C’est la via Adige, 6 MILANO

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“To me C'est la V is a way of life, a motto that contains a simple philosophy: listen to your intuition, do it with your heart. You will never be wrong. Learn to listen, without being suffocated by fears. You can create real pieces of jewellery. Each of us can do it, I am positive about it”.

About Cestlav is a gipsy total look, designed to bring a gust of colorful lightness to the wardrobes of urban women.

A gipsy soul

Its eclectic but simple boho soul is perfect for barefoot boat or beach holidays, for the alleys of an ancient town as well as to imagine yourself in a bright place, even when you are in either Milan or Paris, and it's raining outside. And a simple accessory is what is needed to make a look the perfect outfit even for a ceremony or a party. Everything in talks about freedom, travel, lightheartedness: from materials and fantasies, to cuts and combinations. is 100% happiness, freedom and zero stress.

The beginning

Born from a pair of lucky bell- bottoms in stretch jersey, the brand has rapidly evolved into a full line of gowns, dresses, overalls, tracksuits, chemisiers, skirts, blouses, waistcoats and flare pants coming in different sizes. Each model was created by interpreting the kaleidoscopic world of 70s inspired prints: floral patterns, optical geometries, leaves, paisley patterns. And on occasion, tailor-made service is possible. The first models of the brand were made with scraps of American jersey, sewn in Milan laboratories, and sold online. Now that the brand has grown, the patterns are designed in-house, so as to have no boundaries both on a creative and a productive level.

A dream comes true

Everything can serve as a starting point to design a print: from a botany book, to the cover of an album, from the detail of a business card, to the petals of a flower. The digital printing phase, as well as the production of the various fabrics, takes place in the Como area, while the cutting and sewing phases are carried out in the Milanese laboratories located on the outskirts of the city. is therefore, to all effects, a local brand that firmly believes in Made in Italy and is working to make, in the near future, all its production 100% sustainable.

A 2.0 brand with a beautiful atelier

Despite quoting the kaleidoscopic '70s, the golden age of rock and the revolution of costumes, actually has a very modern DNA: it moves (and promotes) itself online, Instagram and Facebook have always been the ideal display windows for this brand 2.0, which has a “happy” price policy, and is made to give women a sense of positivity. Its one size concept, an option that makes buying online very easy, perfectly suits thinner women as well and curvy ones, emphasizing their femininity. In addition, all garments that come in different sizes are made with stretch fabrics. It is no coincidence that the brand's bestsellers are the flared pants in Woodstock stretch gabardine, in sizes xs, s, m, the Pitù one size pants in stretch jersey with adjustable waistband, and the Eivissa one size vent gown, which fits sizes from 38 to 44.

Our atelier is in Milan,

via Adige 6 (Porta Romana).

Visit us from Monday till Friday

10.00 - 13.00 / 14.30 - 19.00

Contact us at


“C’est la V, the coolest brand at the moment”


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